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Happy Thanksgiving 2020! - Date 11/26/2020

A thankful heart is a happy heart. May your Thanksgiving celebration be full of joy, gratitude, and unforgettable moments you will cherish forever! #givethanks

Do a Pie Swap! - Date 11/23/2020

Forget about cookie swaps, pie swaps are here to steal the scene. Challenge two or three close friends to bake a pie, then gather together to enjoy a slice from each. Don't forget to trade recipes: you might find a new favorite!

Let's Chat! - Date 11/20/2020

Is there anything you’d like to know about our apartments? We can start a Q&A conversation and help you find the answers you’re looking for!

Tidy Home, Happy Home - Date 11/17/2020

Keeping a tidy home is easier than expected, especially when you choose to rent one of the apartments featuring extra storage. The room is spacious enough to fit out-of-season items, household goods, gardening tools, and more.

Perfect Time for a Surfing Trip - Date 11/11/2020

With the surfing season in full swing, it’s time to visit one of the nearby beaches. We recommend Jalama Beach if you want to stay close to home. Avila Beach is also nice if you don’t mind a longer ride!

DIY Challenge: Face Masks - Date 11/10/2020

Make your own face mask for a greener alternative to the surgical-grade ones. All you need is quality fabric, needles, threads, scissors, and some rubber bands. #staysafeoutthere

Combine Errands! - Date 11/05/2020

Combine as many errands as possible into one trip to reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, if you have grocery shopping planned for Friday, try to schedule a hair appointment or a visit to the bank on the same day.

Text Us! - Date 11/03/2020

Not everybody likes to talk on the phone, which is why you can also send us a text message. Just click on the TEXT US button on the bottom right corner of the page! #getintouch

Happy Halloween! - Date 10/30/2020

Park your broom and sit for a spell, the witching hour is almost upon us. May this Halloween be as bewitching as you want it to be!

Lompoc Antique Mall - Date 10/28/2020

Looking for a unique centerpiece for your Oceanwood apartment? Take the 1-mile walk to Lompoc Antique Mall, they have all kinds of treasures. They work great as gifts, too! #localsupportinglocal