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The Best Fish & Chips - Date 09/23/2020

Did you know that Alfie’s Fish and Chips is the last-standing location of a 1969-born franchise? While the rest closed, Lompoc’s restaurant managed to survive, still serving the authentic English dishes the place is known for. #localsupportinglocal

The Perfect Day - Date 09/21/2020

Fall is taking over, but you still have time for one last summer-specific activity. What do you choose? A hiking trip or a day at the beach?#goodbyesummer #hellofall #oceanwoodapartments #summerinseptember #lompoc

Save Water - Date 09/18/2020

Use water more efficiently. Start with easy changes like doing the laundry only when you’ve got a full load, then move to intermediate-level moves such as composting. #towbesgreen #savewater #livegreen

Kitchen Goals - Date 09/15/2020

Our kitchens are all about cooking optimization. Grab ingredients from the fridge, cook them on the furnished gas range while the range hood absorbs the odors, then load the dishwasher to clean everything up. It’s that simple! #oceanwood

An Adrenaline-Filled Day - Date 09/10/2020

Do you find skydiving terrifying or electrifying? ?? Skydive Santa Barbara instructors make it look easy: all sunshine, smiles, and clear blue skies. You will be in safe hands if you want to try! #localsupportinglocal #skydivesantabarbara #lompoclife

Labor Day Mood - Date 09/07/2020

Hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend! You work so hard every day, you deserve a break! #laborday2020 #labordayweekend2020 #happylaborday #oceanwoodapartments #lompoc

New School Year - Date 09/04/2020

Now that the school year has started, we all appreciate our proximity to Miguelito Elementary, Lompoc Valley Middle, and Lompoc High. A short commute means a little extra sleep! #oceanwoodapartments #backtoschool #schooltime

Short-Term Leases - Date 09/02/2020

Not sure if Oceanwood is the right place to be? Come stay with us for three-months; you’ll find plenty of reasons to extend your lease to a 12 or 24-month period! #apartmentsforrent #oceanwoodapartments #twobedroomapartment

Paradise Beach - Date 08/28/2020

For anyone looking for a quick getaway: Paradise Beach is less than an hour away from your apartment! #beachtherapy

Ceiling Fans Available - Date 08/25/2020

The Oceanwood experience is all about alternatives; and that includes having a ceiling fan in the dining area. Check out some of the other optional features of our apartments by browsing through the amenities!