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Use the Floor Plan Assistant - Date 08/03/2020

Need help selecting an Oceanwood apartment? Use our Floor Plan Assistant: it provides recommendations based on budget, the desired number of bedrooms, and the planned move-in date! #livewellbewell

Bike Everywhere! - Date 07/30/2020

Bicycle at Oceanwood Apartments, California

One of the coolest perks of living at Oceanwood is being able to bike everywhere. Most destinations in Lompoc, from Old Town to Mission Plaza, are only 15 minutes away.

Wheelchair Accessible Homes Available! - Date 07/27/2020

Property Sign Board at Oceanwood Apartments, Lompoc

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community, and that includes making our apartments wheelchair accessible. Contact our team for details!

Your Favorite Amenity Is... - Date 07/24/2020

Swimming Pool at Oceanwood Apartments, Lompoc, California

We’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while: where would you rather spend your spare time? At the fitness center or by the pool?

Get an Apartment-Friendly Hammock! - Date 07/22/2020

Relax On Hammock at Oceanwood Apartments, Lompoc, 93436

Swing to the left, swing to the right, and feel your worries float away. A few hours rocking in a hammock will make you feel more relaxed than a whole day lounging on your couch—tried and tested!

Go Plastic Free! - Date 07/16/2020

Oranges at Oceanwood Apartments, Lompoc, CA

Can you go plastic-free the rest of the month? Join #PlasticFreeJuly and choose to use recyclable or reusable items whenever possible! #towbesgreen #saynotoplastic

Lompoc Shopping Center - Date 07/13/2020

Shopping Bag at Oceanwood Apartments, Lompoc, CA, 93436

A little retail therapy never hurt anybody—and Lompoc Shopping Center, located within 2 miles from Oceanwood, is a great destination for a rewarding after-work shopping spree. #retailtherapy

Plan a Camping Trip! - Date 07/08/2020

Camping Tent at Oceanwood Apartments, California, 93436

Consider a camping trip to the nearby Cachuma Lake for a low-cost way to de-stress surrounded by gorgeous nature views. The nights are warm enough to sleep in a tent! #cachumalake

It's Barbecue Time! - Date 07/07/2020

Grill at Oceanwood Apartments, California

A sizzling steak, some grilled veggies, and a pint of beer is all it takes to master the art of barbecuing. Head to our picnic area whenever you want to enjoy a freshly grilled meal!

Happy Independence Day! - Date 07/03/2020

American Flag at Oceanwood Apartments, Lompoc

With 4th of July hours away, let’s pledge to make the world a better place. As Peter Marshall put it, “may we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”