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Social Updates

Living Room Appreciation

Posted On: 09/30/2021

Just a few reasons to appreciate your living room: it is flooded by light, it has enough room to exercise, it is big eno...

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Be a Good Neighbor

Posted On: 09/28/2021

Who’s a good neighbor? We’re sure you have more than one, so use this #GoodNeighborDay to do something kind for them, ev...

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No Smoking, Please!

Posted On: 09/24/2021

Promoting a sustainable lifestyle goes hand in hand with providing a smoke-free environment for our residents. For this ...

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Learn to Surf

Posted On: 09/21/2021

With the new surfing season comes a new opportunity to learn how to ride the waves. Take a few classes from Central Coas...

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Landsat Launch

Posted On: 09/15/2021

Are you ready for the big event? Landsat 9 is launching soon! Make sure you’re at the Lompoc Airport at the right time, ...

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It's Reading Season

Posted On: 09/13/2021

Our spacious living rooms invite you to spend the afternoon with a good book in hand. What will you be reading?

Can You...

Posted On: 09/09/2021

Can you resist a barbecued meal? Our barbecue grills don’t think you can!

Eco-Friendly Laundry Days

Posted On: 09/07/2021

Whether you brought your own washer & dryer or you’re using our clothes care center, be mindful of the temperature & det...

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Happy Labor Day!

Posted On: 09/03/2021

You worked hard all year long, so this Labor Day Weekend should be about anything but work. Go to the beach, plan a trip...

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Summer Evenings at Home

Posted On: 08/31/2021

Refreshing cocktails, moonlit conversations, soft music in the background—any evening spent on your apartment’s balcony ...

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